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Transcript: When Open Forest made the bold move to create the best, easy to use, evidence-based mental health online self help course site in the world, we knew we needed the collective wisdom of the worldwide WordPress community, so that quickly defined our platform. After all, 1 in 3 websites worldwide run on WordPress. That means an awful, and by that I mean really an awful lot of people make it their business to keep their – and through the open source community also our – website secure.

We then had to choose¬†the Learning Management System that worked best with WordPress. Having used Moodle in the past, we were expecting clunky 1980’s stuff. A big WOW for LearnDash, our platform of choice. Learndash is fast, looks gorgeous, works ¬†out of the box with our highly customized Salient theme and most of our plugins.

Learndash really is second to none. And I tell you, we tried them all. Next to the fact that it works smoothly with most modern WordPress themes; is plugin friendly; are two essential factors: Number one is Justin Ferriman, the never sleeping LearnDash CEO, who has taken customer service to the next level. Did I say next level? I meant next galaxy.

Michiel Bosman MD PhD

Michiel Bosman MD, Editor, Open Forest

Number two is Wisdmlabs, a software development company in India that specializes in all things LearnDash. Wisdmlabs knows LearnDash inside out, and that really helped development time when we needed custom modifications. They built plugins which were easy to implement, and made sure we would be able to upgrade Learndash and WordPress without losing our new functionality.

Thank you all! Justin at Learndash, Anand at Wisdmlabs, and the worldwide WordPress community for helping to make Open Forest a success.

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