For many adults, an ongoing struggle with ADD or ADHD can be extremely frustrating. Perhaps you are chronically disorganized or maybe you struggle to maintain focus when helping your child with their homework. Both scenarios can be extremely frustrating, there is some good news though. Help can be found in the form of online ADHD coaching.

Online help for ADHD

For many adults there simply is not time enough in the day to make it to a traditional coaching session. Like so many things before it this has led to the development of online coaches. Programs like this are designed to provide you with all of the support and encouragement that you are going to need to work through your struggle with ADD or ADHD.

The most important thing when coaching or therapy of any kind, is knowing exactly what you want to change in your life. It is ok if you don’t know “how” to change it, after all that is what the coach is going to help you figure out.

Choosing the right ADHD coach

Which brings us to understanding and choosing a good ADHD coach; it is important that you choose someone who has experience coaching and leading people in changing their lives.  It is important also to make sure that you are choosing someone who has experience with ADHD or ADD.

Whenever you are selecting your ADHD coach it is important to do your research. Checking the credentials of your potential coach should be relatively painless. In fact most reputable life coaches (no matter what they are coaching) will have absolutely no issue providing a resume of sorts or references (if they are not you should not be interested in working with them). From here you are going to want to narrow your potential coaches down to a list of three or four and conduct interviews to see who is the best fit for you.

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