One Excellent Reason to Stop Drinking

Many people are not at all concerned about their alcohol intake and don’t think a great deal about how much they drink, when they drink or the ramifications of it.

They accept that it probably isn’t the best activity in which to engage when they have children nearby but if not they don’t really consider the cost to their health and the more obvious reasons to stop drinking.

Side effects of alcohol use

How about these for starters? Alcohol can help to promote depression, can be addictive and may cost you a great deal. Drinking can cause you to lose your job, to alienate your family and may cost your reputation and even self-esteem. All of those things are probably well known to you and as such, you’ve considered whether or not you may want to stop drinking.

Alcohol has more calories than chocolate

Add one more downside to the mixture of things that alcohol can do to you. How about, rampant weight gain?

Drink for drink, alcohol has more calories in it than chocolate or cake or any of the other things that you may love and avoid because of high caloric content. If you want to lose those unwanted pounds and to get back in better shape for the summer, lowering or stopping your alcohol consumption may be just what the doctor ordered. Something to think about.


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