Money Matters: How to be Financially Mindful

Do you practice mindfulness in every aspect of your life? To be completely in the moment when you’re sitting on the porch and marvelling at the beauty of the day is one thing, but what about accepting those bills landing on your doorstep?

One of the challenges for those of us who practice mindfulness is applying it to every aspect of our lives. Without realising it, we each hold on to preconceived ideas about our relationship with money, unintentionally creating a truth we do not like. Being mindful of our money helps us to understanding our relationship with it, it can bring peace to sleepless nights and ease a worried heart.

Mind over money

Being mindful of your money means first identifying your relationship with it. What stories do you tell yourself about your financial situation? Do you bemoan a lack or worry about paying the bills? Focus on what you have, on the things you can afford. Accept the amount of money in your pocket completely, and be thankful for it.

Traditionally, being sensible with your money has meant locking it away for a rainy day. Sacrificing abundance in the present in order to safeguard against poverty in the future. Be mindful of your financial goals, understand the path that is right for you and plan your finances to suit your needs. Accept that your decisions are correct and do not bow to the expectations of those around you.

Of course, that will not be the end of your challenge. Money permeates every aspect of our lives, our relationships, even our families. It can take months of practice before you feel able to avoid distractions. Be mindful of your attitude to abundance and your feelings about your money throughout the day. Make financial decisions in the moment, be grateful for everything you have and don’t be surprised when it pays off.

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