Modern Fight-or-Flight Responses are Outdated

Your fight or flight response played an essential role in the past. This would kick in when you were in danger. It’s what kicked in when people would encounter a dangerous predator in the woods, or enter a war zone. This would trigger natural chemicals in the brain to be released so your heart pumps more blood, and you are able to get to safety. In the moment, this is essential.

That same response is coming out frequently when we are doing our normal day to day activities. This is putting us in an anxious and sweaty state over things that shouldn’t be triggering the response. Such as a trip to the boss’s office, or running into someone unexpectedly in the store. So the body is treating daily routines like a deadly threat that could tear us apart.

Fight-or-Flight Responses are Linked to Dangerous Times

So the modern fight or flight response was appropriate when people lived in caves and actually needed the fight or flight response. Today, we need something different that can help us to improve our stress levels and to avoid this being triggered. A meditation center is one option we have. Here, you can learn about a meditation posture that can help you to reduce stress and to avoid triggering an occurrence of fight or flight.

Taming anxiety with focused breathing

Mindfulness meditation quietens the mind, which prevents us from instinctively overreacting to environmental stimuli

The Value of Meditation

What is perhaps interesting is when you enter a meditation posture position and focus, it actually has the opposite effect. The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind and Body Research did a study that showed that gene expressions improved with regular meditation. This allowed people to relax more and to experience fewer effects of their fight or flight response. It is because of this that a meditation center might be the best choice for those interested in naturally fighting their stress levels.

The meditation posture you learn will do more for you than trying to retrain your brain. While many psychologists recommend reminding yourself that you cannot change the events, that like everything else this will pass, and there isn’t a real threat when you are in the zone trying to convince yourself can take more work than you can imagine. With a meditation posture exercise, you can do something more than just accept what is there.

Meditation, of course, has additional health benefits associated with it. This goes beyond helping you to reduce your levels of stress naturally. It has also been shown to lower blood pressure, improve youthfulness, and to keep your mind healthy and active. This means everyone who needs to improve their health naturally can find a benefit to this ancient art.

Don’t let the modern fight or flight responses prevent you from fully enjoying life. Discover what a meditation posture can do for you, and learn how to take control of your life again.

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