MBSR or “mindfulness-based stress reduction” can be a fantastic tool in the arsenal against depression. Depression is not only the most common mental illness but also, arguably the most obstinate. Some studies suggest that up to 80 percent of people struggling with depression will relapse over time. This is because in many cases medications used to treat the symptoms of depression can lose their effectiveness over time. There is some good news on the horizon, though. Research has proven that MBSR reduces depression.

Mindful Yoga is versatile and can be done at any time and place

Depression is closely linked to rumination and regular mindfulness practices helpsto reduce the power and frequency of negative thoughts

Regular meditation reduces depression by focusing on the present moment

Recent studies have pointed to an alternative method of treatment for depression. It focuses on daily meditation. For years, many cultures around the world have understood the importance of mindfulness and meditation in combating both mental and physical illnesses. For many years “modern medicine” did not recognize this correlation as a viable treatment method. That is quickly changing, a new study has shown that MBSR helped prevent recurrence of depression just as effectively as maintenance antidepressant medication.

The science behind these findings is still not perfectly clear. That being said, the results cannot be ignored. Even simple meditation such as a few moments a day spent looking in in a calm environment can go a long way towards easing stress and anxiety that can lead to deepening depression. On the other end of the spectrum, forms of meditation that require more focus and determination can be extremely effective.

Mindfulness meditation helps to reduce the power of negative thoughts

Many believe this is because at the very center of Mindfulness is the idea that we should focus on the here and now completely. Focusing on preventing outside influences from taking our focus of the task at hand. These exercises can be extremely helpful in teaching patients suffering from depression how to focus on the positive aspects of day to day life. While becoming proficient in eliminating or ignoring negative thoughts or stimulus. There is no doubt that there is a lot of research yet to be done, but MBSR as a treatment and prevention method for depression is producing a lot of very good results.


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