MBSR Helps Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is something that has hit the world hard. While the root cause varies from one person to the next, more people are seeking new ways to treat their chronic pain. With the recent crackdown by the Federal government on pain medication, it is making it harder for those of us who depend on the medication to receive the treatment we need.

MBSR has proven effective to manage chronic pain

There are studies that do suggest that Mindful Based Stress Reduction can actually help combat chronic pain. At Kaiser Permanente in Colorado, a study was done to determine how effective MSBR could be. Results were measured at the six and 18th-month intervals. In both cases, there were significant improvements in the level of pain that individuals experienced. This includes things like a Qi meditation gong, general yoga, and low impact meditation activities. Mind you these are not brand new techniques that are being used, but ones that have been proven to work for thousands of years.

In addition to a reduction in chronic pain, there was also an improvement in the physical and mental function of participants. So what is meditation exactly and how can it possibly help those who are experiencing pain, especially when a meditation gong is used?

Meditation focuses the mind and increases acceptance

Regular meditation cultivates acceptance and reduces worry, which contributes to the management of chronic pain

The deep peace of meditation cultivates acceptance

Meditation is when you enter a state of deep peace. It’s a type of mental concentration where you slow down the activity of the mind. You clear out the negative thoughts and you allow your mind, body, and soul to cleanse. This stress reduction technique isn’t simple concentration but the catalyst for improving the quality of life a person has. When a person achieves true meditation, they enter a state of thoughtful awareness.

The meditation gong helps a person to achieve this by stimulating the ear canals with vibrations. With up to 20,000 vibrations released per cycle of the gong, your body begins to escape into the sounds of the gong and to enter a deeper state of relaxation.

Of course, once you begin meditation for chronic pain, you can’t give up on it once you begin to feel better. The truth is that this is a continuous process that you’ll want to continue for the rest of your life. Of course, since you’ll benefit from the full scope of health benefits associated with meditation, you’ll notice you live a longer and healthier life. All while using the mindful practice for coping with the chronic pain you are experiencing.

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