How to Make Realistic Changes in Your Life

There comes a time when we realize we need to make a change in our lives. This might be as simple as looking in the mirror and realizing we have some extra weight to take off, or others might have noted a bad habit we want to correct. While a little diet and exercise might take off the weight, you need to make an effort to realistically change your life. This isn’t as simple as saying, you’ll stop doing it and having the problem solved.

Make a plan

Instead, begin by making a plan. Map out the progress to make a positive change in your life. Then break it down into small achievable goals. Each time you meet one of the smaller goals, you can see progress and that will help you to remain motivated to continue through the process. It takes 30 days or more to change a negative habit and turn it into a positive one. Make sure you remain committed to changing one behavior at a time over this period of time.

Ask a friend

As you work through the process, consider having a friend do it with you. When you have someone holding you accountable for your actions and your progress, you are more likely to adhere to the plan that is in place. If it comes down to it, ask people to help to be supportive of you and to hold firm when you try to stray from your goals. That’s the best way for you to break the habit and to make a realistic change in your life.

Take your time

Above all, understand that you need to give yourself time. Don’t become frustrated in a day or two if you find you are slipping back into a bad habit. It will take time for you to work past it and even if you relapse, don’t write it off or beat yourself up over the temporary setback. Instead, pick up the pieces and move forward again with your progress. That is the only way you can break free and make a positive change in your life.

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