Where are my keys? Recognizing Attention Deficit Disorder

It isn’t unusual for people to misplace their keys, cell phone, wallet or sunglasses once in a while. When it is frequent, that is another matter. It could be more than just simple forgetfulness. It could be a sign of attention deficit disorder.

Common ADD symptoms

Misplacing keys, cell phone or anything else used regularly isn’t the only indication that a person may be dealing with ADD. Here are some of the other signs of this condition.

  • Disorganization and messiness. A person with this disorder has difficulty being neat and organized.
  • Difficulty completing tasks. Being easily distracted makes it difficult to finish tasks in a reasonable time.
  • Having difficulty paying attention. Attention deficit disorder cause difficulty in focusing on listening to someone or watching an activity.
  • Frequently losing things. A person with ADD will often put down something in their hand without paying attention to what they are doing and later, be unable to find the item.
  • Impulsively quitting jobs. The inability to focus and pay attention on the job leads to frustration and impulsively walking out on the job.
  • Problems maintaining relationships

Other signs may include abuse of drugs and alcohol, unhealthy eating and over using credit cards


Not everyone with attention deficit disorder will exhibit all of these signs. Those who have more than one should speak to their physician so they can get a proper diagnosis. Often, once a person has been diagnosed with adult ADD, they realize that they have had this condition since childhood. Many of their struggles in childhood, such as getting in trouble in school, make sense in light of their ADD diagnosis.


Once a person has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, a treatment plan can be developed that includes methods to cope with the disorder on a daily basis. A particularly popular way to learn about ADD and ADHD is online self help, like the program offered by Open Forest.

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