Not so very long ago, Americans were able to think freely and speak freely. Our thoughts and our words were our own. There was no such thing as social media’s like Facebook and Twitter. We spoke to each other the way people were supposed to. We had telephones in our homes but were otherwise speaking to a person face to face. We were more sociable and up front. The media told raw truths and we digested wars and crimes. Uncensored and open. These days, however, things have changed. They have changed so dramatically that we’re now trying t watch our every word for fear that we’ll offend or be regarded in a negative, categorized light. Politically incorrect. You hear that term all of the time now. You’re being told what is right and what is wrong. You’re being pulled in 2 different directions. What you need to understand is that you don’t have to be.

Don’t Be Lead

We were proud of our country for giving us the freedom to be who we are. We’re not so proud anymore. Events have shown that you cannot speak a word without the fear that you will offend. Offend who? To be honest, everyone. We are often forced to be ever vigilant of what we say and whom it will offend. If we are not, we run the risk of damaging our careers or being hailed as a racist, an elitist, sexist, cruel, and offensive. From work to school, to where we live; you are being judged. There have always been political influences in our country. The left and the right have had their waves of popular opinions. Unfortunately, with the Left having so much control, there is no longer a balance of free thought. Because of this, our young are being molded into only believing the side that is holding the most sway. Most of them don’t question why they believe what they do. Questions are the basis for free thinking individuals.

Are you being lead, or are you a free thinker? Chances are, you’re probably being lead more than you realize. Right now, the country is so far out of balance that those with money have a golden paved road and those who don’t aren’t even given a chance to change their place in the world. We need to move toward free thinking and listen, with an open mind, to both sides of the spectrum. Do not surround yourself with only those of a like mind. If someone opposes your viewpoint, open that debate! We are a free people!

Ways To Open Your Mind

What can you do to begin embracing free thinking? It’s so simple. Seek out those with a differing opinion and open your mind to what they’re saying. If you watch a specific news station like Fox, also watch CNN. Opening your mind to both sides of the spectrum will only increase your ability to question. You cannot be biased and be a free thinker. Biased people are closed off from anything that is outside of their realm. Their minds are closed to anything other than what they’re conditioned to accept. Confirmation bias is part of this. Accepting only the ideas of those who conform to the views that you believe to be true. Another example is commitment bias. That’s voting for a democrat or republican because they’re a democrat or republican even if you don’t agree with any of their goals or opinions.

Help Your Children Break The Mold

Do yourself and your children a favor. Teach your children ideological diversity. Do not let their schools or their teachers make them think that just because there is a personal opinion of the masses that they should conform. Show them the possibilities of those that are strong and independent. Teach them to question and find the truths in things. An open mind is not supposed to be a bad thing and you need to find out all of the facts of something instead of just following along with what they are told is the way they have to think. Do not let your mind be molded by others. Freeing your mind is freeing your true self.

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