Guy Talk: What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class

For many men, walking into their first yoga class sound like as much fun as having a tooth pulled. Men often have the expectation that yoga classes are just for women or that they are too easy to be considered workouts. While it is true that women are more commonly found in yoga classes, it does not mean that men cannot attend. It is also true that many yoga classes are not designed to burn hundreds of calories or to make practitioners sweaty and tired. Regardless of the style of yoga class or the number of women in the room, men often find themselves enjoying the benefits of a studio yoga class.

Yoga Settings Vary

It does not matter if you take a yoga class at a stand-alone studio or in a gym or health club, they are all generally the same. Most yoga studios resemble dance studios, with either wood or tile floors or carpeted floors. Some classes will have walls of mirrors and some studios are completely free of mirrors. Most will have a specific spot for the teacher and many teachers have placed altars at those spots.

Take a Good Look Around

When you enter your first yoga class, take a good look at the people to see what they are doing. Are they quiet and laying down on their mats? Are they talking to each other? Are they stretching in preparation for the class? The activities before class say something about the class itself. You do not have to do what they are doing. You should take a little time to introduce yourself to the teacher and explain that this is your first class. When teachers know this, they can give you special attention so you will have a positive experience.

Prior to attending your first class, you should not eat for at least two hours. You should dress in clothes that are fitted and comfortable. It is also helpful to bring a bottle of water, a towel, and a change of clothes. The studio will probably have mats you can use, but some studios charge a small fee for mat rental.

If you go into the class without any expectations, you can watch the class unfold and enjoy the journey.

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