For time eternal, women have fallen for bad boys. The trouble is that those same sexy, charismatic, devil may care rebels are notorious for leaving a trail of broken hearts behind them. Women know this, but it still seems that the bad boys get all the girls while the nice guys get left out in the cold. Why do women consistently choose men who aren’t good for (and in many cases to) them? What makes bad boys so irresistible to women?

They are a Challenge

Bad boys are notorious for a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” attitude and every woman dreams of being the one to “tame” him. It’s the stuff that fantasies (and movies) are made of; good girl meets bad boy, good girl reforms bad boy with her undying love, and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, things rarely turn out that way in the real world.

Parental Issues

In some cases, a woman may choose bad boys because they subconsciously remind them of their father. If their father figure was somewhat distant or unaffectionate, a woman may be drawn to the same type of person in their adult life. Perhaps in a subconscious effort to gain the attention that they didn’t receive as a child. In other cases, a woman may choose bad boys in a direct effort to get back at parents who are, or were, overly strict or inattentive.

The Excitement

Some women are attracted to the excitement that bad boys instill in their lives. This is particularly true for many “good girls” who have led sheltered lives, had strict parents, or have just never “taken a walk on the wild side.” Bad boys always push it to the limit and are extremely confident. This can be an irresistible combination to a woman who craves a little excitement in her life.

The reasons that women fall for bad boys are as widely varied as the bad boys themselves and these are just a few. Whatever the reasons however, it is undeniable that while good guys may deserve the women, it’s the sexy rogues that make a woman’s good sense fly out the window.

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