Life isn’t easy. That doesn’t mean a person should give up. Instead, when you hit an emotional funk, you need to work on breaking out of the situation. As we live with anger, anxiety, jealousy, depression, and even fear, we are more likely to be reactionary in the things we do. Instead of allowing these negative emotions to define us, it’s important that we seek out a treatment for this emotional funk.

The following is what first aid for these emotions looks like. Go through them and combat your funk each time it comes up. That way, you don’t have to give up on being happy, because of a momentary emotion.


Moderate exercise has been proven to help improve a person’s mood. This is thanks to the endorphins that are released. If you hit an emotional funk, hit the pavement and work out the emotions with a brisk 15 minute walk through the neighborhood.

Put It On Paper

All those emotions clogging your head can be written on your paper. Write for 15 minutes about all the thoughts and emotions you have. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, just focus on the feelings and let them flow out on the paper. By the time you are done, you’ll find that you feel considerably better.

Hit the Water

Fill a tub with hot water and some essential oils. Light a few candles, and play some soft music. Then escape to the soothing waters. You’ll find that all your cares melt away.

Meditate Things Away

Close your eyes and relax your mind and body. Meditation is a great way to change how we feel, and will often improve your mood. This is a great first aid technique, because you can do it anywhere.

Email the Emotions Away

Sometimes you just need to write an e-mail and let all your hurt, pain, and anger to fill the page. Writing it down is nice, but there is something exhilarating about clicking the send button. Take the time to compose an e-mail and send it to an e-mail account you setup for venting to. As you do this, you’ll have a safe place where you can vent to and never worry about offending anyone in the process.

Don’t Rule out Professional Help

Realistically, professional help can help you a great deal with the emotions that you are facing. Make sure you are open to embracing these problems as they arise and speak openly and honestly with a trained professional. This time to vent will help you to obtain some clarity on subjects that are bothering you and they pro might have some insight that can help you to avoid feeling this way again in the future.

Remember, everyone enters an emotional funk at some point in their life. Don’t feel like you are left in the dark because of this experience. Instead, try these first aid options to help pull you out of the situation, so you can get back on track with your life. After all, there is so much living left to do. You don’t want to get stuck in a moment that prevents you from enjoying it.

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