Finding the right Treatment for ADHD

While there isn’t a “cure” many different approaches to the treatment of ADHD can significantly decrease, or alleviate adult ADHD symptoms very effectively. In the past, treatment for ADHD was focused mainly on medications, most often stimulants such as Ritalin or Adderall. These drugs are well-tolerated, have few side effects, and act quickly as well as having a broad research base that supports their effectiveness in both childhood and adult ADHD symptoms.

Finding your treatment is a very personal choice

There is no single treatment that will work for everyone. The treatment for adult ADHD for example, is approached differently than childhood ADHD. Some people (both adults and children) respond positively to medications while others respond more positively to behavioral therapy and quite often a combination of both gets the best results. There is also a vast amount of self-help material available. While certainly not meant to replace professional help, self-help books, courses, or websites can offer tips for everyday life and allow those who suffer from ADHD to play an active role in learning to cope with ADHD.

Talk therapy and medication

There is a substantial amount of research that demonstrates that the use of medication alone isn’t effective in addressing all the hyperactivity and attention issues associated with ADHD. While medications offer some immediate relief, the individual must also learn the skills that are needed to successfully function while coping with their disorder. Health care providers explore different treatment options that take into consideration the patient’s individual needs, family, and personal as well as medical history. Most often counseling, support services, and education about ADHD are encouraged because a multi-level approach to treatment quite often shows the best results.

ADHD diagnosis

It is important to remember that ADHD varies greatly from person to person. Health care professionals have a particular set of guidelines that they follow when diagnosing ADHD and any diagnosis should be done only by your doctor. One such set of guidelines followed by health care professionals are the Brown ADD Diagnostic Forms which are used for comprehensive clinical assessment of children, adolescent, and adult ADHD symptoms as well as various related psychiatric or learning problems.

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