Everyday Mindfulness: Improve Your Health with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a fantastic way to manage stress and anxiety but did you know it has also been shown to have a positive impact on your physical health as well? Whether you are dealing with a common cold or something a little more persistent, mindfulness is one of the very best paths back to full health.


Researchers believe that the act of acknowledging your pain, of refusing to ignore or shy away from it, reduces it. Taking moments throughout the day to be mindful of your body can help to prevent you from pushing yourself too hard and increasing your discomfort.


Knowing how we feel, how our present experiences are impacting our emotions, relationships, and environment is essential. Have you acknowledged your illness? Have you taken any time to consider how it is affecting your body? Perhaps you have ignored it or treated it with aversion?

Coming to terms with an illness, with what it might mean for us long-term, can be an enormous challenge. Taking time to be mindful, to recognize how you are feeling now and relieve the worry over what might happen in the future, can help improve your mood and your health. Stress is detrimental to full health; succumbing to it when you are in anything less than tip-top condition will only make you feel worse.

Mindfulness Meditation

A simple meditation to help you connect with your body, this technique requires you to find a quiet spot and close your eyes. Slow your breathing and focus on counting each of your breaths. Once you are calm and centered, turn your attention to your body. Starting at your toes, identify any pain or discomfort. Count your breaths as you focus on each pain, accepting the stimulus without judgment and exhaling it with your next breath. Work your way up, acknowledging every story your body has to tell you.

Image Source: Caleb Roenigk

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