Everyday Mindfulness: How to Grow Your Business Mindfully

Whether you are taking over an established company or starting your own, there is an enormous amount of pressure to ensure success. Mindfulness can be a significant tool for those of us managing a business, with responsibility for safeguarding its longevity and guaranteeing its success. So, how do you grow your business mindfully?

Mindfulness can help with juggling demands

For small businesses, a minimal growth spurt can feel overwhelming. Juggling increased demands on time and resources without compromising quality and service can be a real challenge. What’s more, the stress of this expansion, however small, can leave you feeling less able to utilise other opportunities as they arise for fear of increasing the pressure on your resources. Taking time to consider your business’s current limitations is key. Understand that your plans for future growth and expansion are rooted in the present. Over committing yourself now could well have a detrimental effect on your company‚Äôs finances, reputation and, ultimately, its future.

Accept some stress and anxiety

Never underestimate the effect one person can have on the success of a company, particularly a small or new business. Now more than ever you need to be self-aware. Accept that your role comes with an element of stress and anxiety and make use of mindfulness to negate that as much as possible. Regularly engaging in mindful meditations or exercises means you will be less worried about the future and puts you in a healthier position to deal with any setbacks.

Utilise mindfulness in your professional relationships as well. Make a point of being present and committed in meetings, devote your attention to customers, suppliers and employees when they approach you. Good communication is one of the most important aspects of success. It encourages trust, minimises misunderstandings and enhances customer service. All essential to the future success of any venture.

Image Source: Ken Teegardin

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