Everyday Mindfulness: How To Be Mindful About Your Job Search

We rarely let ourselves acknowledge just how stressful the search for a new job can be. Whether you are driven by a financial need or a demand for a change, the seemingly endless cycle of applications, rejections, and interviews can be exhausting. Focusing on the present, being appreciative of what you have at the moment, is a great resource for the days when job hunting starts to feel a little too overwhelming.

Know Your Intention

Your career goals are likely to be something you have given a lot of consideration to, but what about your plan for your job search? Understanding what motivates you, and setting intentions firmly rooted in the present, is essential to keeping your job hunt on the right track. Take the time to consider what you want now and the types of companies and roles that can provide that for you. Do not be afraid to reject job adverts that don’t meet your current needs and be thorough about researching any potential leads. Remember, an interview goes two ways.

Search Without Judgement

Be aware of your feelings while looking through advertisements and try to consider them without judgment. If you find yourself thinking ‘I could never do that’ ask yourself whether that belief is rational. Is it rooted in a limiting belief or past judgment of yourself and your abilities? Recognizing when you are holding yourself back is a crucial step in moving forward.

Be In The Moment

A job search is a difficult process to be mindful of. It plays on our inclination to dwell on future goals and past successes and failures. Work on being mindful throughout your job hunt. Appreciate what you have at the moment and don’t let yourself focus on what the future might hold, or when you will find that new job. Taking time to practice mindful meditations or exercises is also a great way to relax. After all, turning up for an interview centered and collected makes a fantastic first impression.

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