Everyday Mindfulness: A Mindful Lesson

Wales is one of my all time favorite spots to visit. Full of dramatic skylines, excellent pubs, and friendly natives, I was lucky enough to live and work there when I first graduated. Some of my very best friends are still in Wales, living in a small village in the hills near Aberystwyth. It was definitely time for a mindful lesson.

Wales National Library, Aberystwyth. Photo courtesy of Venita

Wales National Library, Aberystwyth

This weekend we actually managed to carve out two whole days to visit them. We’ve been meaning to go for months, but life gets in the way, and it’s always easier not to. I was so glad we did. I’ve never felt more at home anywhere in my life than when I lived there. If it weren’t for my God son’s sudden growth spurt and the addition of my husband to the group, I could have sworn I’d never left.

The friends we were staying with live very rural, in the same farmhouse we all lived and worked in when I was there. It’s a magical spot. Eight-hundred foot above sea level, views to die for and more happy memories than any one place has a right to. We exhausted ourselves in the day, rambling with the dogs across the hills, through fields green with spring and ewes ready lamb. There’s an excellent pub we always used to go to, which makes fantastic pies and real ale, so there was never any question of where we’d spend the evening.

It’s amazing the effect visiting somewhere you have left can have. I was so mindful all weekend of exactly how much I was enjoying every moment, how grateful I was for every experience. It is times like this that make me truly thankful that I discovered a mindful path. I had fun; I loved every second I spent there. Not one thought about the week ahead crossed my mind or soured my mood, and when it was time to go, I wasn’t burdened by what I missed or what was ahead. I was buoyed by the moment, at peace and completely present.

Image Source: Hefin Owen; Venita.

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