Everyday Mindfulness: 3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Marriage

Between the house, the kids, his family, your family, friends, and work, it’s surprisingly easy to overlook one of the most important relationships in our lives. Are you guilty of taking your marriage for granted? Perhaps you feel as though you have been forgotten? Take control of your happiness, strengthen your relationship and improve your marriage with these simple steps for being mindful of the one you love.

Make Time for Each Other

If you’re struggling to be present and ignore everyday distractions, then it’s important to schedule time to be together. A weekly date night is a fantastic way to make time for each other, particularly if you have kids or demanding jobs (or both!). It is also important to make a more regular commitment. Set aside ten minutes of the day to spend as a couple. A morning coffee before the kids get up, a catch-up once the dinner table is cleared, make the time to simply be together.

Enjoying the Sunset with A Partner With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Schedule regular time to be together and share activities and thoughts, or simply enjoy a little quiet time in each other’s company

Be Grateful

We’re all guilty of taking our other halves for granted. Have you ever stopped to think about where you would be without the support of your spouse? How much harder would all those little jobs and errands be without someone to share them with? A heartfelt ‘thank you’ when the moment comes can make an enormous difference to your marriage.

Be Aware

So you’ve just got in after a long day, you’re exhausted, irritable and frustrated. Take a moment to analyze your mood, be aware of the emotions you are feeling and make a conscious effort to let go of them. Whatever happened during the day is over, don’t take it out on your partner.

Similarly, being aware of your spouse’s mood is equally important. Accept how they are feeling, take time to understand why and listen to them. Help each other to be aware of emotions that might adversely affect the time you have together, and don’t let them become the cause of an argument.

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