Everyday Meditation: Breathwork as Mindfulness

Focus on Breathing Develops Mindfulness

One of my favorite healing modalities in the realm of mindfulness is breathwork. This practice extends beyond the simple ‘inhale, exhale’ focus I may practice in meditation or while walking mindfully. It is a comprehensive deep dive into the functionality of my breath, and it’s ability to move stored emotions or stress up and out of my body. I’ve attended a few workshops recently on really taking this practice more seriously, and seeing the magic that I can work for myself by bringing awareness in a compassionate and intentional way to this very basic bodily function. We tend to hear less often about this kind of discipline, as in the world of mindfulness, there is a great focus on seated meditation and postural (physical) yoga. There are many ways to approach mindfulness within our bodily experience, and this is one that I have been really enjoying.

Breathing is a Center for Creativity and Personal Power

In my most recent breathwork experience, I was instructed on how to bring my intention to be exclusively focused on breathing into different areas of my core body. This is it’s own form of meditation, because I was centrally focused on this activity for an extended period of time, without allowing my thoughts to lead me astray. Breathing into this region is very powerful, because it is a center for creativity and personal power, so far as the chakras (or energy centers) are concerned. By breathing into this area, and consciously moving heavy emotions and feelings from this space and up and out of the body, I was able to mindfully release tension, stress, and anxiety simply by breathing. Too often, I take this function of my body for granted, I forget about it as I go about my day. In this instance, I discovered a new magic behind my ability to use my lungs, and it was the mindfulness practice of bringing my awareness solely to this action and using it in an intentional way.

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