01 April 2023

EMDR after a difficult divorce

As a psychiatrist who specializes in online EMDR therapy, I've had the privilege of helping many highly successful individuals work through a range of personal and emotional issues. One client in particular, Tom, a high-level executive, stands out to me.

Tom came to me after going through a difficult divorce, which had taken a toll on his confidence and overall well-being. He was feeling lost, unsure of himself, and struggling to move forward. As a successful and accomplished individual, Tom was used to being in control and on top of things, but this life event had thrown him off balance and he was in need of some support.

During our initial session, I learned about Tom's background and the various stressors he was facing. He had always been a driven and focused individual, but the trauma of the divorce had thrown him off course. He was having trouble sleeping, felt disconnected from those around him, and was experiencing low energy levels and a lack of motivation. He was also having difficulty at work and was worried that his performance was suffering as a result of his emotional state.

I recommended EMDR therapy as a way for Tom to process the trauma of his divorce and to regain his confidence. He was a bit skeptical at first, but was willing to give it a try. Over the course of several weeks, we worked through the trauma using EMDR techniques. He found the process to be intense and emotional, but also incredibly liberating.

Tom reported that he was sleeping better, felt more connected to those around him, and was experiencing higher energy levels and a renewed sense of motivation. He was also feeling more confident in his work and was able to perform at a higher level. He felt that he was finally able to move forward from the trauma of his divorce and was excited about the future.

Tom's EMDR experience was transformational for him. He was able to process the trauma and regain his confidence, which allowed him to perform better at work and improve his relationships with those around him. I was so grateful to be a part of his journey and to see the positive impact that EMDR had on his life.

As a psychiatrist, it's truly rewarding to be able to help individuals like Tom work through their emotional challenges and to see the positive changes that occur as a result of therapy. I am confident that with the right support, anyone can overcome their obstacles and lead a fulfilling life.

Michiel Bosman MD


The goal of this vignette is to illustrate the potential benefits of EMDR therapy and to show how it can help individuals overcome a wide range of challenges, both in the treatment setting and in their private or work life. The client's background and experience with EMDR are not a representation of any real person, but rather an imaginative composite of various experiences I have had with clients over the years.​


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