Why Diagnosing Adult ADHD is so Important

Why Diagnosing Adult ADHD is so Important

Wes Gray, director of Areyouadd.com

Wes Gray

By Wes Gray, Director, Are You ADD?

A few years ago at the age of 53 I found out I had ADHD. The signs had been there all throughout my life. Growing up in the 70’s, however, diagnosing adult ADHD was not common. Like so many others, I fell between the cracks and went without being diagnosed.

Adult ADHD is underdiagnosed

The statistics today say that 85% of adults with ADHD are not diagnosed. This is estimated to be around eight to ten million people. I personally believe ADHD can be a gift when it’s diagnosed and managed correctly. My first-hand experience with undiagnosed ADHD was that it’s often disabling.

Disabling in the sense of it can cost you jobs, relationships, and self-esteem. Over the course of my life, I learned coping skills both negative and positive, that were only partially effective in managing something that I had no name for. I therefore had no reference for which to deal with it.

Identifying ADHD is the first step to improvement

Once ADHD had been identified, it was a relief to me. Finally, so many things that had happened in my life made more sense. As I began learning about ADHD, I became hopeful that things could only get better from then on.  And they have … I’m now producing a documentary on my life, a project that I doubt I would have finished in the past due to ADHD.

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