Depression Video: Meet Wendy, Abigail (and Wendy’s father!)

Meet Wendy. Wendy lives on campus. And she suffers from depression.

Her dad worries a lot about her. His sweetheart lives so far away.

Wendy considers dropping out of school. She just can’t make things work.

Then her roommate Abigail points her to, the home of scientifically sound, easy to use modules to get the best out of yourself!

Here she learns that treatment for depression should begin as soon as possible, as outcomes tend to be better the earlier it begins.

Wendy enrolls in an eight session online self help module at to work on her depression. She finds it is highly skills-oriented and offers her specific ways to cope with negative emotions, alter negative thought patterns, and manage problematic behaviors.  Wendy starts feeling better soon.

And now it’s your turn!

Get in charge of your depression! Enroll now! Self Help Made Easy.

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