A Dedication to Debbie and Michael Phelps

By Kerin Bellak-Adams

A woman of valor,
A woman of dedication,
A woman of strength,
A woman of education.
A true hero, due all our respect
For raising a family on her own,
Showing she is so very strong,
A parent who never gave up.

Now the world can take it in.
All the miles Michael swam each year,
Showing us how to lose our fear of ADHD,
And instead cry with relief and shed a joyful tear.

As a result of this wonderful time in our history,
With Michael’s eyes upon the 28th medal in his hand,
He proves to us all ADHD can lead to a path of greatness,
And not trip us up and make us fall.

He proved that even with ADHD,
We can live happy lives after all.
Look at all the years gone by,
Everything that happened,
Could easily be lyrics to a song.
With persistence, courage, and faith,
Despite ADHD,
Miracles of all kinds can occur,
And be part of history,
Where the miracles of Michael Phelps’ life belong.

Where others might have thrown in the towel,
Michael has found himself,
And a wonderful life to boot.

With the celebration of a newborn son,
With the wonders of Debbie Phelps
Giving all single parents
Something to strive for with all their might.
Thank you to Michael,
For your genes have been passed on for generations to come,
And finally, we can celebrate ADHD,
And see the shining sun.

Kerin Bellak-Adams

Kerin Bellak-Adams

Kerin Bellak-Adams is a highly respected expert in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She is an internationally published author, certified coach through the prestigious International Coaching Federation and works closely with the mental health community here and abroad as a consultant. Her work involves being a consultant to families with children and adults with various disorders such as bipolar, OCD, and other issues that can come with ADHD. Visit her website here.

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