Create Positive Energy Through Mindful Morning Meditation

By Robbi Drake, Guest Author

The correlation between body awareness and positive energy improves mental wellbeing. Setting aside a certain time for morning meditation lets you back away from the constant rush of everyday living to consider your feelings and thoughts about your life at this specific moment. Personal thoughts and opinions shape the physical reality of your world, including relationships, work, and health. Mindful meditation promotes balance by reducing stress with minimal effort.

Positive energy trumps negative situations

Positive energy gives you the ability to change stagnant or negative situations as they appear. You don’t have to wait until a problem or attitude becomes unbearable. Awareness motivates you to focus on finding and doing positive actions to make others feel happier. Mindfulness is another word that describes the drive to lift someone (including yourself!) out of a negative state into a positive one that restores harmony.

Challenges affect the ability to think of appropriate steps and methods for the changes to balance your life and your own physical world. Breathing is an excellent way to ground yourself during morning meditation because it is something each of us does naturally. There is no skill involved in this form of body awareness. Simply listen to yourself as you inhale and exhale. Focus on the simplicity of this vital action that provides life and a peaceful reassurance that you are well. Feeling good provides the ability to understand yourself better and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

Use Your Five Senses to Reduce Anxiety

Mindfulness means to reconnect the five senses, which creates positive energy to help handle negative situations better

Reconnect your senses

Reconnect to the way your body responds to sound, smell and touch. It is common to grow so used to the everyday world that it’s lost the intrigue that once drew attention. Avoid sensory overload by reintroducing sensations a short time each day. Let your hand glide along the metal or wooden railing while walking up or down the stairs. Carpool to work instead of driving yourself and focus on the surroundings. It is a surprise to discover new shops, billboards, and scenery that you’ve tuned out while letting thoughts in your mind affect your behavior and emotions.

Life is filled with an assortment of neutral, negative, and positive energy. It is created each day through actions and by speaking and thinking. It is wasted if you choose to do nothing. The contribution you send out affects all it touches. Negative emotions like anger, resentment, and hostility create a volatile situation. Unhappiness and loneliness are feelings that increase gloominess and desolation. Words, actions, and thoughts increase positive energy when body awareness is used to stay focused during meditation. Attention skills are enhanced, encouraging a desire to learn and confidence to figure out and conquer challenges.

Rediscover awareness and control

Discover a feeling of control as you learn to recognize your thoughts and feelings as they happen. It’s important to allow time for this process. Instead of regarding this kind of awareness as a tool to fix a problem, use it to clearly see what is happening at that moment. That knowledge changes your view of yourself and your relationship with life. The resulting mental wellbeing lets you influence life the way you want it through the power of positive energy.

Empirical study

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