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The purpose of this program is to provide a brief self-help therapy program for treating anxiety problems. This program uses principles of cognitive behavioral therapy as the basis for each treatment session. You will be guided through a series of 8 sessions, each focused on a different aspect of treating anxiety problems. This program works best for those who have mild to moderate anxiety problems and is not intended to be used by those with severe anxiety problems or disorders.

How is this program designed?

anxietyThis program is intended to optimize the online therapy of general anxiety by adhering to the established and systematic method of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This structure aims to improve well-being and daily function to encourage completion and positive long-term results.

In addition to the introduction, there are eight sessions in total. Each session centers on a practical exercise with an explanation of the relevant principles and goals that it is based upon. It is entirely self-paced, and can take as much, or as little time and repetition as required to extract the most benefit. In the first session, problems that you believe interfere with achieving your long-term goals will be identified. These will be explored and analyzed further in following sessions to devise and implement an improvement action plan.

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