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Nyema Hermiston first worked as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand, UK, and Australia. After reading her way through all the books on nutrition that she could, she trained as a naturopath in Sydney, Australia. Nyema practiced full-time as a natural therapist there for ten years and currently practice in New South Wales with her naturopath husband Jon Gamble. She is now looking squarely at almost 30 years in practice. As a culmination of her years of delving, in November 2014, Nyema published a book of 41 patient interviews with people from seven countries: "Good News for People with Bad News." In 2007, she co-authored "Treat Your Child Yourself – A Parent’s Guide to Drug-Free Solutions for Common Complaints" with her husband, now in its second edition. She found that, once parents are armed with enough information, they find the confidence to treat childhood ailments at home. Nyema also manages a blog jam-packed with valuable information.

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