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Catia is a biologist with a long career dedicated to the fields of genetics and molecular biology of the main psychiatric/neurodegenerative disorders in adulthood and in childhood. In particular, the main aim of her research is the identification of molecular markers associated with major psychoses and dementias in order to contribute to the investigation on disease etiology and to the definition of individualized strategies for drug treatment. She is working at Genetics Unit, Saint John of God Clinical Research Centre, Brescia, Italy. It is funded by the National Health System as the national center of excellence for Alzheimer’s and psychiatric diseases. Its mission involves translational research, i.e. developing models of care that can be taken up by other Italian clinical centers. Catia is the author of over 32 publications in peer reviewed international journals and of two chapters: 1) “Role of dopaminergic and noradrenergic systems as potential biomarkers in ADHD diagnosis and treatment” Scassellati C. and Bonvicini C. for InTech book titled "ADHD - New Directions in Diagnosis and Treatment", ISBN: 978-953-51-4237-9, 2016; 2) "Basi genetiche dello spettro dell'umore". A. Rotondo, M. Gennarelli, C. Scassellati. III edizione del Trattato di Italiano di Psichiatria (Lo spettro dell' Umore - Psicopatologia e clinica - TIP Vol.7 - 3/ed, Editor: ELSEVIER Masson Italia, 2008).

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