Changing Your Goals to Become Less Single Minded

When trying to achieve your goals, whether they’re at work, or in areas of your personal life, there are always some challenges to overcome. Along with the usual hurdles that you can expect on the route to achieving your goals, you may be limiting your own potential with the way that you are thinking. Specifically, single minded or tunnel vision lines of thinking could be limiting your progression, and holding you back from success.

Becoming more open minded can expose you to new challenges and rewards, while making your goals more realistic and sometimes easier to achieve.

Open Mindedness for Goal Achievement

Although everybody can take different steps to deal with their own tunnel vision, it is important that you first accept the possibility that you may be too closed minded when it comes to your goals. Try to look at your situation from outside of yourself. Are you overly focused on the end goal, and are you missing opportunities, interactions, and insights, because of this? If you are too single minded when it comes to achieving your goal, stress can be a dangerous side effect. Do you find yourself losing sleep, developing tension headaches, or even having a change in temperament? If you can answer yes to any of these symptoms, then it’s time to start expanding your vision when it comes to your goals.

To expand your thinking when it comes to achieving your goals, it can be beneficial to let go of some of the pressure, by leveraging off of your family, friends, and colleagues, for support. Talk about your goals with the people that you trust, and also discuss their own goals. Learning about their challenges and strategies can help you to apply new methods to your own goals, and you can also provide them with the same kind of benefit. Simply talking about your goals openly can be a great way to find new perspective and shake the tunnel vision that you’ve been dealing with.

With perspective, you may find that you need to adjust how you are working towards your goal. It is often hard to progress on goals that you haven’t written down, or planned for. Being specific about your goals means that you won’t have to obsess over the end result, but you will instead focus on finding solutions.

Avoid tunnel vision

Even considering all of this, there will be times when you have to completely reevaluate and rewrite your goals, to avoid tunnel vision and closed mindedness. Maybe you’ve set a financial target like hitting a certain amount on a deposit account. Changing the goal could allow you to expand your thinking. Go deeper than just the money that you will save, and instead think about what you are saving for. Do you need to purchase a new car, or save for a deposit on a house or other investment? Think about how your goals might be limiting your approach, and write better goals that allow you to broaden your thinking.

As a final step to avoid closed mindedness, make sure that you’re regularly tracking your progress, and recording (and even celebrating) your milestones. Positive reinforcement throughout the journey can help you to regain perspective with fresh motivation, avoiding the tunnel vision that causes so many to fail to achieve their professional and personal goals.

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