Can I Treat My Mental Illness Without Medication?

When a person suffers from mental illness, there is often a degree of hope they won’t need medication to treat the condition. Many conditions do require a person to continuously take their medication, even after they feel better, because it helps to stabilize the chemistry in their brain. But are there times when you can treat your mental illness without medication? The answer is maybe. There are factors like the severity of the condition, the type of the condition, and if there are proven treatment options that don’t involve medication. In terms of anxiety, breathing exercises, and things like Interpersonal/Social Rhythm Therapy can help. But this might not be the right approach for a person who is petrified to leave their home and has an endless number of triggers for their panic attacks.

Forgoing medication also doesn’t mean you should write off therapy sessions. In this case, your therapist can guide you through the process of coping with your condition without the use of medication of any kind. This professional will have the ability to determine if you are making any kind of progress and will know if there is a time when they need to step in and prescribe a mild medication at the very least.

What you’ll find is that with a little therapy and a focus on your therapy, you too can improve the severity of your condition. In some cases, this can mean you won’t have to deal with medication and you can continue with the techniques that your psychiatrist provides you. Just note that if you are placed on medication, it isn’t something to look down on yourself over. There are millions of people who take medication to help them to cope with their day to day schedule and there is nothing wrong with taking it.

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