Beware Anemia – When Leaner Does Not Mean Healthier

Leaner does not always mean healthier

The “perfect” body type is forever changing. These days, it’s considered desirable by many to be thin and lean. What does it mean to be lean? It means that there is a certain amount of body fat that is allowed in this grand scheme of “fitness”, but many take it to an unhealthy extreme. To do so means that you run the risk of health issues just to attain that “perfect look”.

Deficient Immune System

Many people are unaware that if you are too lean and have little to no body fat, you are running the risk of making yourself ill. Being too thin can interfere with the body’s immune system. The body requires immune cells and those immune cells require certain nutrients to battle germs that can invade. If you lack those nutrients, you have a decreased ability to fight off such things as the flu, colds, many infections, and even cancerous cells.

Risk of Anemia

There’s also the risk of anemia in many cases. This is a result of deficiencies in folate, B12, and iron.

If you’re trying to get pregnant and are too underweight, this can lead to the inability to conceive. If you do manage to conceive, you run a greater risk of miscarrying because your body simply cannot sustain the pregnancy. Certain studies of underweight women show that over 70% of underweight women will likely lose their child within the first trimester of their pregnancy.

As for men, you run the risk of sexual dysfunction if you are not of a healthy body weight. This can even include erectile dysfunction as well as finding intercourse painful. Many men with this issue also have issues with ejaculation not to mention the fact that healthy sperm is less likely to be created.

Higher Mortality

It’s been shown in various studies that “skinny” people run the risk of dying sooner than those with a BMI of 27. This means that though you may be considered “obese”, you’re more likely to live a longer life than those that demand a very small BMI of themselves.

Nothing is more important than your overall health and well being. This is why you must make certain that even if you choose to be leaner, you must be vigilant of your physical health. Those that refuse to take into consideration what they are doing to their bodies will often end up with more health problems in the long run.

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