Feeling a little blue now and then is not unusual but when it lasts more than a day or two, you may need to do more than let it run its course. Talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor may recommend seeing a therapist to help find the cause of your depression.

In addition, you can do some things to help elevate your mood so the blues are easier to handle while you work on a more permanent solution. When you feel down, it is easy to let your health go. Start taking better care of yourself by drinking plenty of water every day. Up to half a gallon a day will keep you hydrated. Be sure to eat regularly and watch what you eat. Focus more on fruits and vegetables and avoid high fat, high sugar foods that can make you feel worse.

Exercise every day, even if it is just walking a mile or two. The exercise helps get the blood flowing and energize you. If you like sports, try to find a team such as a baseball or volleyball team you can join. Exercising with others can help to lift your mood. If you don’t care much for sports, dancing may be what works for you. Many people find that dancing makes them feel happier and less stressed.

Listening to music also helps. Keep the volume down and choose music that is uplifting rather than harsh or sad. As you listen, close your eyes and let your body move to the music so it flows through you. You will feel less despondent after listening to music for a while.

Spend time with friends even if you don’t feel like it at first. Being with other people and having a good time will at least let you forget your problems for a while. The fatigue that accompanies the blues will lift a little when you are enjoying yourself.

While you are doing all these things, your doctor will help you through therapy to find the root of your depression and treat it appropriately.

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