Why Anxiety and Depression Often Occur Together

Anxiety and depression are often mistakenly viewed as being the same disorder. The truth is they are very different. With depression, you have a feeling of anger, despair, and even hopelessness. Anxiety, in turn, experiences a strong degree of fear or panic, that stems from both real and perceived threats. While antidepressant medication can address both, patients do need to continue therapy with the appropriate treatment type. However, often people do suffer from both.

Depression often co-occurs with generalized anxiety disorder

A majority of those who suffer from major depression also suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Studies estimate that as many as 85% of those who suffer from depression also have general anxiety disorder. With 92% of those individuals strongly focusing on suicide as a solution. This is caused by the chemicals in the brain becoming unbalanced. So a person who is suffering from one or the other will feel like they are genuinely going through a traumatic event when anxiety kicks in. Sometimes agitation and a sense of chaos will also overwhelm an individual.

Perhaps the most shocking truth is that when a person suffers from both, they usually experience more severe symptoms of these conditions. This makes it harder to resolve the anxiety or depression and can lead a person to feel like no matter what they do, they are forever doomed. This often leads to drinking which becomes a deadly combination with the barbiturates that are generally used to treat these conditions.

Anxiety and depression are treatable

The truth is that even when they occur together, due to changes caused by the chemistry of your brain, you can treat anxiety and depression. In order to be successful with this, you need to take the time to sit down with a counselor and have them work with you through the treatment process. Above all, remember you are not alone. There is hope out there and you have the potential to work past both of these conditions.

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