Mental illness is a tricky subject, with most disorders being warped by stereotypes and ignorance on the part of the general population. But bipolar disorder is potentially one of the most misunderstood of the better-known mental conditions people suffer from.
When someone is bipolar, they suffer from extreme changes in their moods. But these changes can encompass a much broader spectrum of symptoms than most people realize. It isn’t just being happy one minute and then sad or angry the next. It can be going from happy, elated, joyful, and vibrant, to angry, depressed, suicidal, or full or rage. The shifts can last anywhere from days to months, and oftentimes the better the individual feels when they’re doing good, the worse they will feel when the switch happens.
While BP is treatable, getting medications and treatments perfect can take time. There is a lot of social stigma attached to being bipolar, which makes it difficult for those afflicted with it to reach out and get the support they need.
We have provided links to four blogs that we feel offer top-notch support and information on living with bipolar disorder, and managing the symptoms.

BP Hope Blog

BP Hope is a website that offers a lot of information about this disorder, and also has a very active community of contributors. These contributors submit articles on a wide range of topics relating to BP, giving readers the benefit of their personal experience.

International Bipolar Foundation Blog

The International Bipolar Foundation also offers a lot of articles written by many individuals. There are people from all walks of life offering their viewpoints here, and there is a great system of categories that you can choose from on the left, making finding the info you are looking for easy. This site also offers you information based on whether you are bipolar, or if it’s a loved one you’re researching for.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

The DBSA site is more formal than the others on this list, and offers a massive amount of information on bipolar disorder, treatment options, and peer support. There is also a section specifically for clinicians, making this a great site for anyone look for information to check out. The DBSA has a lot of information on support groups that are available, and their site is extensively categorized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Suddenly Bipolar

This is a raw and real blog written by a Reverend who found herself dealing with the rollercoaster of experiences that come with BP, while leading a congregation. Her blog posts are gritty and get right to the difficult thoughts that come with being bipolar. This blog is amazing because there is no glossing over of the reality of this mental illness here, and many people find a lot of support in her transparency.
It is impossible to cover all the amazing resources that are available to those looking for information on bipolar disorder. If you need more blogs to look into, be sure to check out the first post we wrote on other bipolar blogs.

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