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Depression  can grip anyone at any age. While people in their mid to late fifties and older are prone to depression to some extent, young people are finding that depression can hit them too. Situational depression as well as long term depression is something that more people combat every day.

Finding ways to help yourself to get past depression or to work with a loved one, a child or a spouse or partner who has depression is imperative. Learning more about depression, how it works, what you can do to lessen the blow to your family and your life is imperative. To that end, we’ve found multiple depression blogs and websites that offer self help or good information about depression and how to handle it, how to beat it, and how to live with it.

From postpartum depression to anxiety and depression, here are some blogs that may be able to offer you some support.

My postpartum voice

Postpartum depression is something that hits one in 10 mothers. Surprisingly it may also affect fathers as well. Fathers have a good chance of getting stress and anxiety as well as depression after a new baby and for the most part, their chances are raised if the mother has some issues that she is dealing with. This blog offers you a short introduction and the means to visit a live chat, normally several times a month. You will find out where and how to listen in on how other parents are dealing with and handling  “baby blues”  The live chats are not transcribed on the site so do be diligent in returning to the blog to ensure that you don’t miss one you’d like to see.

Pick the brain

More than just a depression blog, Pick the Brain covers anxiety and stress of all types, even helping you to be more productive at work and at school. If you’ve ever been stressed or depressed about having to do a reading or a live speech or if you’re not self-confident about your work, Pick the Brain can help you to gain some insights into your own behavior and to learn more about why you behave or react in a given way.

Postpartum progress

Postpartum depression can be difficult to cope with, humiliating for a young mother and actively turn her into little more than a robot going through the motions instead of learning to love and to bond with her baby. Finding ways to get through it, seeking out and finding the help that you need is imperative. Learn more about other mothers, immigrants to natural citizens who each have different problems and different ways of coping with and learning about PPD.

Time to change

If you’re in the grip of depression, you know that it’s time for a change. time to address the issues and to work with your family and friends to make the best of your life and your relationships. You can defeat and live with depression with the help of some of the tips and ideas on Time to Change.

Depression doesn’t have to hold your life hostage. You can live better and live stronger with a little help from your friends–and the online mindfulness self-help module offering you peace of mind and new ideas for an old enemy.

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