There are days when having two bouncy, beautiful labradors really pays off. That’s not to say I don’t adore them every day, just a little less on the days when they decide to dismantle shoes and chew the banister. Fortunately, today was not one of those days.

A moment of pure mindfulness

Today we were walking through the forest at the top of the valley. It’s a little further afield than some of our other walks, so we don’t go there too often. It is one of our favorites, though, and all the more special for not being a tired old route we constantly tread. I like it for the peace and stillness; the dogs are rather taken with the sticks and rabbits.

It was still early, the sun was only just breaking through the trees, when I noticed that the path in front of me was full of streaming gold ribbons of light. It was a moment of pure mindfulness. I was completely centred, focused and present. The light was animated by millions of particles (probably kicked up by my marauding canines on their way through) and the trees were completely still. It was the perfect portrait of natural beauty.

Dogs and mindfulness don’t always go together!

Of course, it wasn’t long before a ball of two black dogs was careening its way into the picture, destroying the visage and ruining my moment of peace. It’s hard to be annoyed with them for long, especially when they’re running around with gaping great smiles on their faces. Each completely focused on the other, charging through the mulch and leaves, chasing, grumbling and bounding about. I wonder if they don’t have a better idea of what mindfulness really is than I do. They’re utterly engaged in the moment, actively enjoying it and completely focused. All I did was stop and stare.

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