What the American Association for Physician Leadership has meant for me

Transcript: Fellowship status with the American Association for Physician Leadership was instrumental in my journey to become a succesful physician entrepreneur.

It all started twelve years ago, when the online Ethical Challenges of Physician Leaders course propelled me to head the Medical Ethics committee in the hospital I then worked in.

I then used the association’s Master’s program to build my resume, write a business plan, and impress potential investors. The combination of online and face to face classes was essential to keep a healthy work life balance – well I should say somewhat healthy.

When I graduated from Carnegie Mellon’s Master in Medical Management in 2007, I had just launched my own mental health organization. Every course I took from 2004 to 2007 I applied in that start up phase of my own company.

I then became Certified Physician Executive and received Fellowship with the Association. These were essential steps to transition from the cowboy like role I had in the start up entrepreneurial phase to become a real CEO Рso to say Рof  a company that 9 years after its start employs over 200 healthcare professionals.

The only thing I ignored was Marketing Professor Eric Berkowitz‘ advice to stay out of mental health. He said the barrier of entry in this market was too low – you don’t need big investments to start a mental health company. With that I respectfully disagree. Transitioning from physician per se to a succesful physician executive slash entrepreneur is pretty hard – and doing things wrong is so much easier than doing things right.

Without my twelve year journey with the Association I would have never reached this stage.

Michiel Bosman MD PhD MMM FAAPL
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Michiel Bosman MD PhD

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