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A Brief Review of Positive Psychology

In this brief review of positive psychology, the key principles of the approach that targets the development of character strengths instead of the traditional medical model’s focus on disorders and deficiencies are highlighted as a process to improve happiness and well-being.

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Life After Positive Psychology – The Journey Matters

The life after positive psychology is different as the focus is on developing strengths rather than fixating on deficiencies or weaknesses, and, therefore, the approach is more effective in cultivating happiness and well-being.

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Top Positive Psychology Secrets

The Positive Psychology secrets that people may not know about are that it is not an old method disguised in a flashy new outfit but is a fresh take on how to apply character strengths to foster a positive attitude that leads to improved well-being and performance.

Use Your Five Senses to Reduce Anxiety

Positive Psychology as a Career or Personal Tool

Personal psychology as a career or personal tool has tremendous potential to make positive changes in oneself or others’ lives through working on improving attitudes and eliminating negative thinking.