ADHD and the importance of home support systems

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will do better when things remain consistent in their life. Small changes like a surprise field trip, spring break, and a visit from someone out of town disrupts the consistency they have. This results in a child reverting back to their previous habits. The best solution is to have a home support system in place that is designed to help maintain some balance.

This means the family needs to maintain a regular schedule. With the use of reinforcement, you can avoid many of the problems that come up as part of their home life. The best way to do this is to keep your child on a set schedule from the moment they are awake, until they go to bed.

A routine in place has two positive benefits. It will help to improve the efficiency that your child functions in on a routine basis. Your child will also feel safe and secure, because they know what to expect. Your child will get into the routine and life at home will be relaxing. This strengthens the bond the family has and reduces drama and simplifies things like bedtime and doing homework, because they are routine in your child’s mind.

This means there is an importance to the home support systems you have in place. Both parents need to remain consistent on how they approach problems. A child with ADHD must see that there isn’t special treatment or they will tend to push one parent harder than the other such as prolonging homework and chores. Siblings should also be held to the same standards as your child with ADHD to further avoid confusion and questioning why they are expected to do something.

Your home support system does translate into regulated behavior from your child. There is even a tighter bond that is formed and fewer problems you’ll likely experience as your child grows older.

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