01 December 2022

ADHD In Adults

As a child, having ADD or ADHD can be troubling and cause many problems with self-esteem and development. As an adult, this same illness can cause more problems than that of a child. Where children have few worries over money and responsibility, adults with ADHD run into more difficulties. If you believe that you have symptoms of this illness and are trying to learn more about it in order to confront this possible dilemma, you can find any number of self-testing and self-help quizzes online.


ADHD Medication Free

Many adults these days are feeling that medication has too long been handed out for certain illnesses. There has been much controversy over medicating this particular problem. A greater portion of the world is now seeking out ways to handle such things as ADHD or ADD without the use of medication. They are taking a more organic approach to their health. For those of you who are looking to manage your ADHD without medications, you do have options open to you for living a better, medication free life.

Living With ADHD

The very first thing that you need to do is educate yourself. It’s a powerful part of your treatment. Knowing your illness will be the greatest help to you. You will also benefit from some form of coaching. A close friend or relative can help you stay on task. You need someone who will stay on top of you, but without negativity. This coach can help you stay organized, on point, and will offer encouragement even while reminding you to get back to your task at hand.

An adult with ADHD also needs encouragement. This is very important because many times an adult with ADHD is prone to self-doubt that has built up over years of suffering from the illness. Adults who suffer from ADHD need more encouragement than the average adult person. When you offer them the proper encouragement, they light up from within.

You can find more help and information for ways to lead a healthy and medication free life with ADHD in the book, The Disorganized Mind by Nancy A. Ratey, ED.M, MCC, SCAC.



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