If you think that you have ADD or ADHD, you can find many different ADHD screening tools online. You can also search for ADHD self-report scales. You’ll have no trouble finding a plethora of websites that will help you to discern whether or not you could have ADHD. These tests are for self-evaluation and once taken, you should always talk to your health care provider should your score indicate the probability of ADHD. Seeking the help that you deserve is the biggest step that you’ll take. Everything else after the knowing will fall into its place and you can finally begin getting your life in order and helping yourself and your family understand your struggles.


The diagnosis of ADHD in adults is quite common. Many adults end up struggling throughout their lives because of unrecognized ADHD impairments. Many adults may believe that their other issues such as anxiety or depression were caused by other things. They may have even found that the treatments for these symptoms never worked because the problem was actually ADD or ADHD. Most adults with ADD or ADHD will find that they are easily losing their patience and struggling to balance work, family, and finances. If you feel that you may have ADHD, a screening is a great idea.

ADD and ADHD Courses

There are also classes that one can take to better understand ADD and ADHD. Attention Deficit Disorder courses are not only available to the public in most large communities but should your area not be large enough to offer community classes, there are also online courses that can offer you much the same in knowledge and understanding. All one needs to do in order to find classes is simply open a browser and do a search for ADHD or ADD online courses. If you’d like to find out about community courses, your doctor should be able to get you the appropriate information needed.


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