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Coping with Grief and Loss

Successfully Coping with Grief and Loss

By Sara West, M.A., MFT If you’ve recently experienced the death of a loved one, whether they were a family member, friend, or pet, the experience of grief and loss…

Grief can be overwhelming

5 Useful Tips for Coping with Grief

The loss of someone or something that you love, or even care deeply for, is a very painful ordeal. Grief is a completely natural response to that loss. Grief doesn’t…

Safety Behaviors to Manage Fight-or-Flight Reactions

Safety behaviors are actions we take, as well as actions we avoid taking, in order to reduce our anxiety and manage fight-or-flight reactions in times when we perceive danger but it is only a short-term solution with detrimental effects on our health and well-being in the longer term.

Happy Girls

Tips for Being More Sympathetic

The ability to have sympathy is linked to well-being and satisfaction – here are some useful tips for being more sympathetic daily toward others.

Self help made easy

Do a 1-Minute Depression Self-Test!

If you find that you frequently feel tired, overwhelmed, have difficulty coping, sleeping, and eating, you may have clinical levels of depression that warrant professional support. As the first step…