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Coping with Grief and Loss

Successfully Coping with Grief and Loss

By Sara West, M.A., MFT If you’ve recently experienced the death of a loved one, whether they were a family member, friend, or pet, the experience of grief and loss…

Grief can be overwhelming

5 Useful Tips for Coping with Grief

The loss of someone or something that you love, or even care deeply for, is a very painful ordeal. Grief is a completely natural response to that loss. Grief doesn’t…

Happy Girls

Tips for Being More Sympathetic

The ability to have sympathy is linked to well-being and satisfaction – here are some useful tips for being more sympathetic daily toward others.

Self help made easy

Do a 1-Minute Depression Self-Test!

If you find that you frequently feel tired, overwhelmed, have difficulty coping, sleeping, and eating, you may have clinical levels of depression that warrant professional support. As the first step…

Woman Alone

Coping with a Loved One Dealing with PTSD

Although most commonly associated with military combat, PTSD can occur following any life-threatening event. Things such as a serious accident, a natural disaster, or even a violent personal assault can…

Life changes and transitions can be daunting - like a suspension bridge

Handling Life Changes and Transitions

Life changes and transitions are a part of life, and we face them at different times in our lives. Some changes come from natural ends, some are opportunities, and others…