6 Ways E-Learning Meet ADHD Needs

By Robbi Drake, Open Forest Contributor

ADHD is a problem that affects both young and old. There are some very specific things that ADHD affects, not the least of which is your ability to learn. It could be time to consider how e-leaning meets ADHD needs.

If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. Your ability to learn may be in question and it’s more difficult for you to learn. In this instance, e-learning may just what the doctor ordered – as it were.

Here’s why e-learning may be perfect for you.

Adults who suffer from ADHD often face misunderstandings when they are older. There is a belief that ADHD only effects kids, so when college students refer to it, many traditional classroom teachers write it off as students being difficult. The truth is that e-learning for ADHD students understands the challenges that students face. This provides a safe environment that promotes a positive experience and allows an individual who is distracted or having problems time to cope with them so they can get back on their regular schedule. With assignments often set up for a week at a time, students who are struggling at one moment, can step away and come back to an assignment later when it works better for them.

The stigma of having ADHD that people give you is removed. In a traditional classroom setting, students that have ADHD look disorganized and come across flaky because their minds are all over the place. When they are placed in a group project, the others make the instant assumption this individual will not handle their portion of the work. With e-learning, students can work in groups together without anyone seeing their desk or their setup. This allows them to avoid the assumptions and difficult situations that are often associated with people who observe you in a class setting.

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E-learning allows students with ADHD to adapt their pace to their individual needs, thereby maximizing focus and minimizing the disruptions that are often found in the classroom.

E-learning allows students to avoid the highway hypnosis that comes with reading textbooks. When information is long, the individual often gets lost in their thoughts and while their eyes scan the text, their mind is elsewhere. This can put them in a difficult position if put on the spot. With e-learning, text can be read in smaller, broken down portions. That way, when the student is ready to review the information online and to begin a discussion with their classmates, they have had ample time to prepare and read it, rather than having to complete a reading in class and then have an open discussion about it at that very moment.

Just because you have an understanding of something right now, and you are passionate about it, that doesn’t mean it won’t change in a few minutes. E-learning doesn’t put you on the spot and force you to work yourself to a point where you can handle an assignment or a lesson in an exact moment. There is no time to be at school and so if you find that 5 PM is a better time for you to handle your coursework, as opposed to 8 AM, you have the ability to do that. That will allow you to better define your life and to avoid a situation where you might not always be in the best space to attend a traditional classroom setting with an instructor that doesn’t understand.

E-learning also allows you to avoid a situation where you have to explain yourself too often. There are lots of people who feel that ADHD is an excuse and a general myth that people don’t really have. These old fashioned beliefs are prominent in schools that are run like strict regimes and this can prevent students from having a positive experience in the classroom. With online e-learning for ADHD students, you can avoid having to tell anyone about your condition. That way, you are treated with the dignity and respect as everyone else is.

Even though procrastination will often come into your life, e-learning does allow you to combat that. When you begin to take a test or an assignment, a clock that requires you to devote your full attention to the assignment will begin. This offers you a degree of structure. Since you can also access the course around the clock, you have the ability to determine a time that works best for you to do your homework on, without ending up with a situation that causes you any kind of a headache because you have class in 10 minutes, and you forgot to study.

With your ADHD under control, you can also create a schedule that is finely tuned. This will allow you to avoid situations where a simple misstep in the day can send things spiraling. Since e-learning is done at home, you can also devote your time in front of a computer without distractions impacting you. Someone who forgets to turn off their cell phone, passes a note, or coughs won’t interrupt you from learning like a traditional classroom setting might cause you to experience.


When you are suffering from the symptoms of ADHD one of the most common issues with studying and learning are the inevitable distractions. Be they noise, movement, or loud colors, you can find yourself distracted at the most inopportune times. This is where choosing E-learning courses can help you and alleviate those distractions by removing the classroom setting. Not only are you free to work in your own setting, but you remove those distractions from your learning experience.

Anxious movement

E-learning is also a great option for those that suffer from the constant need to move around. When you suffer from ADHD, you often feel the urge to move around. This could mean fiddling with your pen, shuffling of the feet, tapping fingers, and even standing up and moving around after a certain period of time. Those movements aren’t exactly welcome in a classroom setting. When taking an e-learning course, you can work at your own pace and the need to move about won’t aggravate other classmates.

Procrastination and time gaps

You really do have to manage your ADHD. This means that there are certain things that will help you in areas such as learning; as well as things that you should try to avoid. When you are suffering from ADHD you may have trouble remembering things between one class and another as well as the added problem of procrastination leading to failure to accomplish a given task. When you have ADHD you, often times, completely forget about a task if you don’t set to it right away. When taking an e-learning course you don’t have to worry about jumping from class to another for the majority of the day before you’re able to sit down and work on a class’s given assignment. When you choose e-learning you can sit down and take a lesson and focus on only that lesson without the added stresses of multiple classes and scattered assignments that you may or may not remember all of the details of. E-learning also has a better history for long-term information retention which is great for those that may have issues with memory.

Missed details

In a classroom setting, you are forced to learn at the pace that the professor sets for the students. This is particularly stressful for those that have a learning disability. Whereas a professor will likely tell you that keeping up is your problem and not his, you don’t have to run the risk of falling behind and missing small but key details when e-learning. The courses allow you to learn at your pwn pace so that you can’t really fall behind at all. You can also go back and make sure that those small details aren’t lost to you.

Multi-tasking or focusing

When you have ADHD you may or may not be on medication. However, either choice can leave you with issues in either focusing or multi-tasking. If you aren’t on your medication you can probably multi-task beautifully, but your focus is nonexistent. The opposite takes effect if you’re on medication. Your focus is superb, but your ability to multi-task isn’t anything to rave about. With e-learning taking your needed medication doesn’t have to limit you. You can focus on what you need to better your mind in every way.

Focus on demand

Those affected with ADHD find it hard to focus much of the time. In a normal classroom, you simply don’t have the option to pause the class if you’re having trouble maintaining your focus. Not so with e-learning. With e-learning you can do just that; pause the lesson until you’ve got your focus back and not have to worry about missing a single vital element to your learning.

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