6 Little Known Tricks for Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

If you’ve had a panic attack and are overcoming anxiety, you might be wondering what options you have. There are plenty of medications out there that people will recommend for these mental health disorders. But are they enough? When you have anxiety and depression, you want to do more than just pray something works. So it is useful to have an anxiety chat with someone you trust to explore some of the options you have.

Give Your Thoughts The Floor

The harder you ignore your thoughts and fears, the worse anxiety and depression will get. Instead of ignoring them, allow them to take the floor. Consider the thought, and determine if it is a case of fact or fiction. Don’t let a thought like, “I am going to have a heart attack” control you. Determine if it is based on fact or fiction. If you eat healthy, are a healthy weight and don’t have high blood pressure or cholesterol, chances are it is based on fiction. However, if you have high cholesterol and blood pressure, find a solution instead. Take medication and improve your eating habits so that you can further avoid these thoughts and put them in the fiction category.

Stop Trying to Please Everyone

When you have depression or even a panic attack, the underlying cause might be the people around you. When overcoming anxiety, realize that you don’t have to please everyone all the time. There will always be people who disapprove of you and what you do. So stop worrying about what other people think and simply do your best. If you do that, you can cut down on the depression and panic attack symptoms that you have. Also remember these mental health disorders will only worsen, if you try to pull back on this.

Change Your Reactions to Situations

Always jump for the worst case scenario? Then it is time to retrain your brain. Instead of allowing your mind to go crazy with all that could happen, take a deep breath and a step back. Have an anxiety chat with yourself that covers the essentials.

  • What is the worst thing that can happen?
  • What are logical outcomes?
  • Who does this actually affect?

You just might be surprised that the very things you were worrying about end up in a different direction.

Add Structure to Your Life

If your life is in chaos, then anxiety and depression symptoms will run rapidly. A panic attack can thrive on chaos and disorder in your life because it doesn’t allow you to focus as quickly. When overcoming anxiety mental health disorders, the best solution is to straighten out all the areas of your life. Remember that with some order the chaos will subside and you can begin to regain control of your life. Once you have structure, and a solid schedule makes that your focus instead of the world of what ifs that can surround you.

Learn To Trust Yourself and Your Actions

The lack of trust and belief in yourself can cause your anxiety and depression to worsen. Don’t let your mind second guess you and all that you are doing. Instead, take a deep breath and realize you are doing your best. As long as you do that, you should stand behind everything that you do and realize you’ve given it your all. If you do that, win or lose, you are still better off for the experience. When you reach that point, you’ll find that the questions and uncertainty that surrounds you begins to lessen over time.

Learn to Breathe and Take a Time Out

When anxiety and depression kick in, take a step back. Clear your mind of everything and focus on your breathing. This will clear your headspace so you can move forward again and revisit something that is upsetting you. If you struggle with this at first, consider trying Yoga as it can help you to reach that point.

With these 6 little-known tricks for overcoming anxiety and depression, you can take back your life. Before you know it, you’ll feel considerably better. You may even find that you are able to handle quite a lot more in this world since you don’t have these weighing down on you.

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