6 Tips to Better Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety can cause a person to distance themselves in fear from the rest of the world. While an anxiety disorder test can give you some insight into overcoming fear from your social anxiety disorder, you need to remember that depression and anxiety also require the assistance of a medical professional who can prescribe medication and provide you with therapy sessions. Outside of those sessions and medication, the following 6 tips to better deal with anxiety can help.

#1 – Avoid Caffeine

If you suffer from anxiety, then stimulants like caffeine can increase symptoms. Many people find that something as simple as removing caffeine from their diet can reduce the frequency of symptoms and in some cases, can even reduce the severity also. While quitting caffeine might not be enough for overcoming fear that is associated with the social anxiety disorder, it is enough to stop panic attacks from manifesting.

#2 – Don’t Put Yourself In Extreme Situations

Your anxiety disorder test likely gave you some insight into what your triggers are. While it is true that for overcoming fear, you do need to face the things that cause your depression and anxiety, it doesn’t mean you should take it to the extreme. If you are petrified of clowns and crowds, going to a circus to face both probably won’t be the best idea. However, going to the grocery store during a slower part of the day when there are others around, but you can still maintain your composure is a better idea. As you become more comfortable and realize that you can handle this small group of people, you can begin to branch out to other things.

#3 – Don’t Accept Your Thoughts as Reality

When you are facing your anxiety, remember that the thoughts in your mind are often not based in reality. Instead, of giving them the value of being the absolute truth, always take a step back and a deep breath. The things causing you depression and anxiety might have a different outcome if you look at from another perspective. Remember that the world we live in doesn’t have solutions or values that are black and white, they are grays that have variables that come into play. It can help to speak with a trusted individual about the things that are doing on with you in your mind so they can help you when you are overcoming fear. Anxiety disorder isn’t something you can face and take on alone. It requires therapy and in many cases medication. But that’s okay. It’s a real disorder and dealing with anxiety is something everyone faces differently.

#4 – Stop and Breathe

When the world becomes too much, don’t bottle yourself up and internalize things. All it does is manifest things into severe anxiety that is out of control. Instead, you can take a moment to clear your head. Think about nothing more than static as you close your eyes, and take several deep breaths through your nose. When you exhale, do so slowly through your mouth. After a few times, you should find that you start to relax and begin to feel better. Just make sure you don’t jump right back into the situation that is causing your depression and anxiety to flare up. Instead, change your focus and you should find that you can move past whatever is upsetting you.

#5 – Remember You Are Human

The thing to remember is that you are human and so overcoming fear won’t happen overnight. Your social anxiety disorder is something that will take time. Be open to meeting new people and exploring places without trying to overdo it. It takes time for people with anxiety to slowly become comfortable in different settings. Find one you can begin with and once you feel comfortable in that situation, you can branch out to others. If you feel overwhelmed, take the time to back away from things and regroup your thoughts. You can always come back later, and at a time that works better for you.

#6 – Plan and Network

When you are starting a business, a new career, or trying to utilize existing opportunities and improve yourself, these can be daunting experiences. In many of these situations it is helpful to find what you are good at, and plan, use your available resources and develop networks to assist you in your endeavor. You will quickly find yourself feeling more supported, which will help to relieve the pressure and reduce anxiety.

With these 6 tips to better deal with anxiety, you can begin to find things that will allow you to take control of your life once again. It is a process that takes time, and you’ll need a great network of people to help you to manage your stress and to remain understanding.

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