08 December 2022

6 Great Trauma and PTSD Blogs

PTSD is commonly associated with soldiers returning from battle. These men and women are not however the only group that struggle with this disorder. In fact, any traumatic event can lead to the development of PTSD, (especially if the event takes away your sense of safety, or is beyond your control). Everything from a severe natural disaster to sexual or physical abuse can trigger PTSD, and the road to recovery is a long and difficult one. No matter what your coping/recovery method entails, knowledge and support is going to be your best tool in the struggle with PTSD. That is why we have compile this list of great trauma/PTSD blogs.

Healing from complex trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

On this blog you will find a great variety of informational as well as educational pieces. What’s more,  the posts on this blog are geared towards helping understand the emotional and physical concerns associated with PTSD or trauma. The author goes to great lengths to ensure that the work published on the blog will not only inspire but also assist you with your own personal struggles.

PTSD survival blogspot

This blog begins with the phrase “Every trauma survivor is different. But, they all deserve to be heard.”, this is the main focus. Everyone struggling with PTSD is fighting their own battle, and on this blog you will find a lot of stories of struggle and adversity that will let you know you are not alone. With pieces that focus on overcoming the pain and emotional damage associated with PTSD posted almost daily, this blog is a great outlet. You will truly know that you are not alone in your struggles.

HealthyPlace trauma blog

Understanding something complex is often the first step towards overcoming the adversity that it comes with. This is what the trauma blog on HealthyPlace.com focuses on. Understanding the medical symptoms associated with PTSD and severe trauma will go a long way towards helping you in your struggle with PTSD. Here you will find a vast reservoir of medical information that will truly help you understand your symptoms as well as suggestions on how to overcome them.

Healing combat trauma

This site puts the focus on the veteran. With therapeutic recourses for veterans struggling with combat induced PTSD, the overall theme of this blog is “Healing happens”. There is a lot of focus on integrative medicine and hope. This blog puts a focus on reaching out as well, connecting with other veterans whom struggle with PTSD is a great way to build a support network.

After trauma on PsychCentral

After Trauma is another blog with a focus on medical information. The goal hear would appear to be to help you better understand what happens to your body both physically and mentally after you experience a severe traumatic event. With posts done by medical professionals and therapists alike the wealth of knowledge and understanding on this blog will go a long way towards helping with your recovery.

Combat PTSD wounded times

As the title would suggest Wounded Times is something of a media outlet. The focus is on veterans and active military personnel who were wounded in the line of duty. They cover a wide array of military themed news reports all geared towards veterans and the struggles they have been faced with. More than just media coverage though there is a strong underlying tone that the authors would describe as “dedication to defeating PTSD”.

It is our hope that everyone suffering from trauma or PTSD can find a road to recovery that works best for them. Hopefully among the aforementioned blogs you will find something or perhaps many “somethings” that will help you with your struggle to overcome the pain that is PTSD.


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