6 Great ADHD/ADD Blogs you should Follow

Life with ADD/ADHD has its share of ups and downs. One day may be calm while another seems like sailing on stormy seas. Those are the days when you need extra support or perhaps a good laugh to help get you through the day. Whether you need an understanding ear, a place to vent your frustrations or advice from someone else who is struggling with their condition, blogs are a great place to start. They offer information, connection with fellow sufferers, and are perfect for anyone with a short attention span. We’ve searched the internet to bring you 6 of the best ADHD/ADD blogs on the web.


Verywell.com offers a wealth of information about ADHD/ADD, from basic information to specific issues such as dealing scholastic problems in children with ADHD. You can also find a great deal of information on adult ADHD as well as tips and strategies for coping with your disorder.


TotallyADD.com is a great blog for news about ADHD/ADD, opinions from the experts, and helpful insights from a fellow ADHD sufferer. It seems to be one of those rare blogs that approach a very serious subject with the gravity it deserves, but can actually see that there is a humorous side at times. If you need to know that you aren’t the only one who finds themselves in ridiculous situations, TotallyADD.com will give you your laugh for the day.

Intrinsic Motivation and Magical Unicorns at Psychology Today

The blog at Psychology Today is perhaps one of the most informative of them all. It offers not only basic information about the disorder but tips and advice for managing your symptoms as well. Not only can ADHD sufferers find insight and information, there are also many posts offering advice and support to family members of ADHD sufferers.

Positive Thinking and ADHD

Another blog that takes a serious subject and shows you that there is a lighter side, Positive Thinking and ADHD takes the traditional tips and advice and rearranges them to show that it’s all in how you look at things. By no means does it take the subject matter lightly, rather it lets ADHD sufferers know that they aren’t the only ones who experience less than perfect days and offers advice on how to cope with them.

ADHD kids rock

As the name implies, this blog is geared toward children who suffer from ADHD, but it doesn’t stop there. There is advice both for and from other ADHD kids as well as information and resources for parents, teachers, family, and friends of children who struggle with ADHD. Not only is this site helpful for those with ADHD, but for those who want some valuable insight into the world of this disorder.

The distracted mom

The distracted mom has something for everyone. As an ADHD sufferer as well as the parent of an ADHD child, pretty much every point of view is covered. What makes this blog special is that most of the posts are personal insights and first- hand experience with ADHD and parenting and ADHD child. From recognizing credible resources to coping with the right school for your child, this blog touches on a wide variety of topics.

While blogs may not answer all your questions, they are the perfect place to go when you want to know that no matter how you feel, you aren’t alone. When things are going badly, sometimes knowing that someone out there has experienced the same thing can often give you some insight into your own difficulties.

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