5 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Works For You

5 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is Right

If you’re starting out in a new relationship you may be wondering how “real” it is. There are great questions to ask yourself when it comes to looking past the butterflies that are fluttering around in your belly. Here are 5 ways to determine if you’ve found a keeper. So, is it lasting or is it temporary?

What Do You Have In Common?

Romance has a tendency to cloud our judgment in many ways, so this question is usually easier to ask than it is to answer. Studies have shown that someone that you have less in common with is probably only going to be a temporary partner. It’s true that opposites tend to attract one another, but only for short periods of time. For long term relationships, you want someone who has much more in common with you. You don’t need someone that is exactly the same as you are, but for those that want that romance to be lasting, you need to ask yourself that tough question.

Have You Been Introduced To Friends Or Family?

If the person you’re dating has introduced you to friends or family, this is a great indicator that they’re looking at the relationship as a lasting thing. Most people who don’t have any plans to be together for very long don’t want their family involved in something that they don’t feel will be a lasting prospect. The same can be said for their friends. You may get introduced to some casual friends, but chances are, if your partner has no grand plans, you won’t be meeting those who are nearest and dearest. People have a tendency to want the approval of those closest to them and will usually introduce the person that they’re dating to the ones that he hopes will get approved. This dating ritual is usually only played out with those men or women that they really hope to keep.

Is The Person That You’re Dating Still Checking Out The Playing Field?

Studies have shown that when you’re in a serious relationship, the person you’re dating will only have eyes for you. This is not the case with those who are only looking for a short-term romance. If You’re seated at the bar and a leggy blonde walks by, pay attention to see where your date’s eyes are focused. There is a difference between a quick glance of appreciation and your date checking her out as a potential replacement. Nothing says “not committed” than constant wandering attention.

Do You Fear Being Single?

If you’re one of the many people that are afraid of being alone, be careful that you’re not seeing a great match where there really isn’t one. You may end up lowering your partner standards simply because you’re worried about being alone. Selling yourself short and settling with someone that simply is not a good match will probably lead to serious disaster in the long run. Make sure that you’re not simply dating someone just because they’re there and you may not think that you can do any better. There is nothing wrong with being alone or with being choosy.

How Does Your Partner React To The Idea Of Commitment?

Some of the signs that your new partner is avoiding commitment may be fairly obvious to some, but possibly not so obvious to those that are a little more love struck. If you want to know if your new interest is avoiding a serious relationship, you need to look at a few key things. Do they avoid calling you back or even texting? Do they avoid showing affection outside of the bedroom? Do they steer clear of talking about your relationship or refuse to acknowledge that it even is a relationship? Maybe they even “forget” about meeting close friends and family. These are all serious signs that the person that you’re dating isn’t interested in a long term relationship.

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