08 December 2022

5 Must Read Domestic Abuse Blogs

These are 5 wonderful blogs about the terrors of domestic violence. These reads are for those that have experienced abuse, are still experiencing abuse, or have a loved one that is going through a life of violence against them. Domestic abuse does not have to be physical. Abuse can be mental and emotional as well. Mental and emotional abuse can be just as traumatic as being physically hurt. Sometimes, it's even worse than someone becoming physical with you.

 The National Domestic Violence Hotline

This is a blog that is a wonderful read for those of you that suffer from disabilities and are also suffering from your caregiver's abuse as well as those of you that are in need of a place to find a little hope and a little help. This blog will try and show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The blog will also help you with what you can do for a loved one that may be a victim of domestic violence.

Get Domestic Violence Help

This blog brings you all of the latest news and information in the areas of domestic violence. There are also victims that have left their stories on this blog to try and help others understand that there is help available as well as show you that there can be a life of happiness after the horrors of abuse. There are some shares about being abused from childhood into adulthood that may truly speak to you about things that you have gone through or things that you have seen in others.

Picking Up the Pieces

This particular blog focuses on the residual issues that many suffer because of domestic abuse. The blog covers such things as sleep paralysis, PTSD, and more.  The blog focuses on the experience of what life can be like when we have lived through violence and abuse and the fact that those memories and dreams can still hurt us. If you are going through this experience you may find some solace in knowing that you are not alone. Read through and learn more about some of the symptoms that you can be left with after a life of domestic violence.

Freedom Within My Journey

This is a blog from a woman that has experienced domestic violence first hand. She and her children both were all victims of an abuser. She speaks about her denial and then the battle to break she and her children away from the life of abuse and destruction. This may help you see that your children are not deaf and they are not blind to what goes on around them. This story may lend you the courage to do the right thing not only for yourself but for your children as well.

Surviving Domestic Violence

This blog site is filled with stories and is also a place to find the help and support that you need. Be linked with others that are dealing with abuse as well as those that have survived it. This blog gives a voice to those that wish to tell their stories and share their knowledge. Not all stories hold victory, but nearly all of them show that the victims have either opened their eyes or have begun to open them. If you're searching for others like yourself then read some of these stories and post back to the writers. Building a network of support can only help you.

When someone is living a life of abuse, it may seem like there is no escape. You will want to turn it and twist it in whatever way that you can so that the fault lies with yourself. It doesn't. No one, anywhere, should suffer at the hands of another. For those of you that have children in the middle of this terror, please know that there is support out there for you as well. When a child is faced with domestic violence, they may grow up to feel that there is no hope in the world at all. Please remember that there is always hope and that there is help for anyone of you that is ready for it.



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