5 Gambling Blogs You Should Count On

Responsible gambling can be fun, thrilling, and even a source of additional income for some people. However, when the fun stops and gambling start to become a problem, it can become a serious addiction that has the potential to destroy lives and families.

Overcoming problem gambling or a gambling addiction requires that you first admit and accept that you have a problem. From there, you can begin to learn about what triggers gambling, and the best ways to avoid engaging in any further high-risk behavior.

Simple online blogs can help you to learn strategies to overcome your gambling problem, and here are five of the best that can help you towards recovery.

Counsellor Sam’s Blog for Gambling Addiction

Some of the best therapists and counsellors are those who understand firsthand how addictions can impact the lives of sufferers and the people who are close to them. Counsellor Sam definitely understands problem gambling, coming from a family where his gambling mother literally lost all that she had. This website is able to relate deeply to gambling addiction while providing genuine scenarios and strategies that can truly help.

Addiction Blog In-Depth Gambling Articles

The best blogs are those that explore problems from multiple angles, and Addiction Blog is one of the ones that does this regularly. The articles don’t focus on just gambling addiction but go deeper to explore how addiction works in the brain, and how to avoid dangerous situations and behaviors that could lead to addiction development. If you are suffering from addiction, or you know someone who is, then this site will provide plenty of helpful resources to address and overcome the problem.

Do You Know the Odds of Gambling Addiction? This Site Helps!

This site directly speaks to problem gamblers and addicts in clear language that will hit really hit close to home. The site has a heavy focus on recovery and providing support to those that are struggling to avoid going back to their problem behaviors. Articles cover things like managing stress, finding healthier alternatives to gambling, and even learning how to still enjoy sports and social events without falling back to problem gambling behaviors.

A Comprehensive Gambling Blog at Safe Stakes

Many of the existing gambling blogs focus on mature audiences, which can be unfortunate, especially considering that gambling addictions can develop at a young age. This site makes an attempt to cover all aspects of problem gambling, while talking directly to all demographics, including college students. Topics range from addiction treatment and recovery to teen gambling and gambling in the veteran population. It’s an excellent resource for the addicted, and anyone trying to help a problem gambler.

Lighthouse Recovery Institute Blog

Lighthouse doesn’t provide as much content as other blogs, but what they do have is well worth your time to read. The site looks at gambling addiction in a broad sense, advising on the causes, risks, and recovery options for problem gamblers and addicts. This blog is unique because it also provides resources for a number of substance abuse and addiction problems, which is beneficial for problem gamblers who are suffering from multiple addictions.

Use these blogs to further understand gambling addiction, while learning successful strategies for recovery and management of problem gambling. When you’re ready to learn more about addiction with a professionally managed self-help course, visit Open Forest for the best self-help modules available online.

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